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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Mac and PC versions of your extensions?
There is no difference - each "version" contains exactly the same files but packaged in a way that will be downloaded succesfully to each platform. A StuffIt archive is provided for Mac and a self-extracting archive is provided for PC.

How do I get the latest version of my extension?
To get the latest version of any extension all you need to do is attempt a new download using the link in the download email you received when you purchased the software.

My computer crashed/I don't have my download email anymore! How do I get my software again or get upgrades?
In this event we will require the PayPal transaction number to verify your request. Just login into your PayPal account, locate the transaction and send us the necessary information.

I didn't use PayPal to buy your software - I used a credit card! How do I get updates?
The answer is the same as above - just attempt a new download using the download email that was sent to you. If you no longer have this email, we will require the email address that the download email was sent to including the last four digits of the credit card - we may also require additional information.

Do you alert users of new updates?
Yes, but only if they joined the mailing list - we do not automatically add our customers to our mailing list!

How do I know if I have the latest version of my extension?
Its very simple, look at the version of the extension (either in the Extension Manager or the top of the extension's window) and compare with what we have on our site. More information is here.



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