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Neonix Directory List Links 1.x

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  1. Inserting Links to the contents of a directory
    1. Select the point in your page where you would like to insert the code by clicking at that location
    2. Click the "Commands" menu, then "Neonix Commands" and then finally "Neonix Directory List Links..."
    3. By default the local path to the root of your site is displayed in the "Select a directory" text field. To choose a different directory to create a Directory List Links to click the "Browse..." button.
    4. Select/specify any options... (see the Features section above for details)
    5. Click the "Apply" button
    6. You can change options and then re-apply the new settings by clicking the "Apply" button again. You can only do this while working with the same directory whose links were just inserted.
    7. You may insert multiple Directory List Links by choosing different directories and clicking the apply button for each directory.
  2. Updating the list of links
    1. You will have to select all the links that need to be changed/updated, delete them, then re-insert the Directory List Links for that directory.



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