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Neonix Remove Orphans 1.0.6


Neonix Remove Orphans is a Dreamweaver Extension that removes orphaned files from a site.

If you've clicked on Dreamweaver's "Site" menu, then "Check Links Sitewide" (CTRL+F8) you may have noticed that along with displaying information about broken links that you also get a list of orphaned files. This information is a good thing to know but unfortunately Dreamweaver does not provide a mechanism to deal with these files - until now.

Neonix Remove Orphans works off of the log file generated from a "Check Links Sitewide" operation. It also allows the user to specify what file type(s) to ignore thereby providing a means of filtering the orphan list.


  1. Can remove all orphaned files that Dreamweaver flags as being orphaned
  2. Allows the user to specify a list of file types that should be ignored or NOT deleted.

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Compatible with:
Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev
Dreamweaver MX
Dreamweaver MX 2004


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