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Known Issues

1. Memory Issues

On very large sites where the number of files returned and the number of directories to drill down into can be very large, the following conditions can occur:

  • Windows may need to increase swap file space
  • Windows may run low on resources
  • Dreamweaver my run low on resources
  • Dreamweaver may crash

Solution: Instead of executing a file search or action starting at a site's root directory try starting from a subdirectory of the site and drilling down into all of its subdirectories. If successful, proceed in this manner until you have 'covered' the entire site.

For example, lets say we have the following directory structure:

  • [root]/
  • [root]/apples/
  • [root]/oranges/
  • [root]/grapes/

Instead of starting your search on the root of the site, try doing a separate search starting in the "apples", "oranges" and "grapes" subdirectories instead. If unsuccessful try starting your search deeper in the site.

2. Time to execute

In testing, Neonix Site Tools may "appear to hang", when in fact it is still executing the task issued by the user. In our tests it has taken as long as 3-4 minutes on very large sites in order for Neonix Window Tools to complete a task. This amount of time varies to some extent from machine to machine but is more directly related to the size of a site.

Try the solution to issue number one - "Memory Issues" - if you find that you are waiting for an "uncomfortable length of time". Generally speaking, we suggest having some patience and letting Neonix Site Tools complete its task.

3. Error: "untitled.htm is not in a defined site"

This error occurs in Dreamweaver 4 and Ultradev under the following conditions:

  1. The Site Window is open and the "Remote Site" has focus (either a directory or file is selected).
  2. The user selects a site within Neonix Site Tools LE that is the same site currently being displayed in the Site Window.


  1. The above error is thrown.
  2. Focus is given to the Site Window.

Note: The file name in the error may increment from "untitled.htm" to "untitled0.htm", "untitled1.htm", etc, if the user attempts multiple times to select the same site that led to the error. These files have been created and now exist in the Remote Site's root - they should be deleted.


  1. Close Neonix Site Tools LE
  2. Switch to the Site Window.
  3. Delete any "untitled*.htm" files from the root of the Remote Server (see the note above).
  4. Give focus to the "Local Folder" by clicking on a file or directory that resides in the "Local Folder"
  5. Restart Neonix Site Tools LE and proceed normally...




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