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Tips & Examples

Following are some sample use scenarios where Neonix Site Tools LE may come in handy:

Scenario 1: During the course of development, Dreamweaver and WS FTP can leave behind unnecessary files which may or may not normally be removed by those applications. Specifically, those files would be LOG, TMP or LCK files (and even *LCK.LCK files - lock files of lock files!). Neonix Site Tools LE can be used to delete all of them from your site - or if you prefer, on a directory by directory basis.

Scenario 2: Sometimes during the course of managing a site it can be useful to make certain files writable, such as LCK, HTM or HTML files - Neonix Site Tools LE can be used to accomplish this as well.

Scenario 3: When attempting to delete a directory Dreamweaver may throw an error about the selected directory not being empty and will not delete the directory even though Dreamweaver shows it to be empty. Cause: hidden files, usually LCK or LCK.LCK files. Solution: Use Neonix Site Tools LE to look for hidden LCK files in the 'empty' folder and delete them. Return to dreamweaver and then delete the directory.



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