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Neonix Site Tools Pro 1.2.9


Neonix Site Tools Pro is a Dreamweaver Extension that gives the user the ability to search for specific kinds of files within a site, select them, then perform an "action" on them - all from one interface. An "action" ranges from deleting a file, to checking out files or converting files to XHTML.


  • User-defined Search
  • Search for multiple file types using comma delimited search strings
  • Selectable Directories
  • Selectable Directory Drill-down
  • Make Files Writable
  • Delete Files
  • Check out files
  • Check in files
  • Undo file checkout
  • Convert to XHTML
  • File Upload
    • Number of files to upload, number of files that have been uploaded, name of file currently being uploaded and an overall upload progress bar (click the "Interface" link above to view a screen shot)
  • Save detailed log files - keep a record of what you did to your files!

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A Macromedia-Approved Extension

Compatible with:
Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev
Dreamweaver MX
Dreamweaver MX 2004


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