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Neonix SiteSUITE i3 1.0.0



Neonix SiteSUITE i3 is a suite of Dreamweaver Extensions consisting of:

  • Neonix Site Tools Pro
  • Neonix Remove Orphans
  • Neonix Directory List Links

A $49.00 value for only $35.00 - you essentially get Neonix Site Tools Pro and we throw in 2 additional extensions for FREE! An exceptional value on top of our already easily affordable prices.

What You Get

Neonix Site Tools Pro - View Interface

Everything that any webmaster or site administrator could ask for - perfect for managing large static sites.

  • Leverage file-naming conventions by utilizing comma delimited, wildcard search strings to search for any kind of a file within a Dreamweaver site.
  • Generates detailed log files of search results - can be used to preview the file search list and to get a top-down view of where files exist within a site.
  • Execute common tasks on the search results such as Check In, Check Out, Delete, Upload, Make Writable and more!

Neonix Remove Orphans - View Interface

While Dreamweaver is capable of locating orphaned files in a site - it does nothing with them - enter Neonix Remove Orphans.

  • Just feed it a Dreamweaver-generated orphaned file report and it takes care of the rest
  • Includes the ability to filter out files from the orphaned file list - not every file that Dreamweaver flags as an orphan is necessarily an orphan - this feature adds intelligence to your orphan-management tasks!

Neonix Directory List Links - View Interface

Breathe easy when confronted with the task of inserting links to dozens or even hundreds of files in a given directory.

  • Generates links to every file in a given directory
  • Various options including ordered/unordered bulletted lists, tables, alternating table row colors, file type icons, link targets and more!


Purchase neonix SiteSUITE, get all three extensions and save!


Only $35.00
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For Windows

For Macintosh

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Compatible with:
Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev
Dreamweaver MX
Dreamweaver MX 2004


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