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  1. If you are trying to access Neonix TD Rollover from the Commands menu but see that it is grayed-out and you are unable to select it, it is due to the following reasons:
    • Your page may not have any tables in it.
    • Your current selection is not valid - you must CLICK in a table cell or completely outside a table - do not hi-lite anything in the cell or anything else
    • The entire table cell might be selected - this is not a valid selection, click once inside a table cell to select it.
  2. If when you start Neonix TD Rollover you find that you have multiple TD Rollovers with the same name, it is most likely due to manipulating the table (i.e., adding or merging table cells) after you have applied a TD Rollover to one or more table cells. If this happens, remove all the TD Rollovers of the same name and then re-insert them where necessary.
  3. "I get a javaScript error at line 283 when trying to use Neonix TD Rollover 2.x" - Did you originaly use Neonix TD Rollover 1.x to create your TD Rollovers? This error occurs when using Neonix TD Rollover 2 on Neonix TD Rollover 1 rollovers. Please follow the migration guide.

If the above does not resolve your issue, try the Tips & Examples page or contact Neonix Support.



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