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Neonix TD Rollover 2.0.3

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Neonix TD Rollover is a Dreamweaver Extension that lets you apply rollovers to table cells (<td>). Useful when you want to create a toolbar where each link is in a table cell (like the navigation on our site) and you want to have the table cell's background color change when you mouseover it. No need to mess around with HTML, JavaScript or CSS.... Neonix TD Rollover does everything for you!

Version 2 features a re-written rollover script, more efficient implimentation, wider browser support and Instant or Fade rollovers! (Click here to see version 3 of this extension - click here to see a v2/v3 feature comparison chart)

Its interface lets you specify the following:

  • Create a new TD Rollover
  • Specify the color of the TD Rollover
  • Specify the link of the TD Rollover
  • Specify the type of rollover: 




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  • Manage existing TD Rollovers on a page
  • View a list of all TD Rollovers in your document
  • Sorting - view all members of the list in the order they appear in your source or alphabetically
  • Remove any TD Rollover
  • Change any TD Rollover's settings - no need to click around to find it first

Browser Support

Support is available for the most recent web browsers from Microsoft, Netscape and Opera while degrading gracefully in older browsers.

Click here for a table of tested browsers.

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Macromedia-Approved A Macromedia-Approved Extension

Compatible with:
Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev
Dreamweaver MX Dreamweaver MX
Dreamweaver MX 2004 Dreamweaver MX 2004
Dreamweaver 8 Dreamweaver 8


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