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Tips & Examples

1. It is important to note that Dreamweaver will not automatically update links created with Neonix TD Rollover - if all the pages of your site are in the same directory then this is not an issue. If however, you are employing the extension in such a way that the links go to pages in other directories within your site and are part of your Template or Library Item you may experience broken links. Again, this is due to Dreamweaver being unable to update these links automatically like it would do for normal links. The fix is to specify absolute URL's in Neonix TD Rollover. That way no matter where a page is located within your site the Neonix TD Rollover will always be properly linked to a specific file.

2. You will notice that when you apply Neonix TD Rollover that the settings you choose will over-ride any background colors you may have set for your table cells. This is normal and necessary in order to have Opera support.

3, If all you want is a text effect for any text that is within a table cell, then select "none" for the TD Rollover options and then choose the colors and rollover type for the text. The fades for table cells and text within a table cell can function independently of each other.

4. While it may be tempting to insert JavaScript into the Link text field while using the "Treat Link As JavaScript" option, it makes much more sense to create a function, insert it into the head of your page and then call the function from Neonix TD Rollover.

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