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Neonix Toggle Content 1.4.7

Check out this cool idea on how to use Neonix Toggle Content!


Neonix Toggle Content is a Dreamweaver Extension lets you hide/show in-line content in your web page. No need to fuss over JavaScript or getting your hands dirty with source code or style sheets, this extensions lets you add/manage this functionality via a nice and simple interface!

Click the following link to view an example:

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You can toggle this content simply by repeatedly clicking the link. You guessed it, this is all this extension does!!!

The Neonix Toggle Content extension has the following functionality:

  1. Create a "Toggle" item
  2. Manage all "Toggle" items in your page
    1. View a list of all "Toggle" items
    2. Change "Toggle" item attributes
    3. Remove a "Toggle" item
  3. Insert an anchor so toggleing content brings it to the top of the page
  4. Specify a background color for the toggled content area (as in the example above)
  5. Insert custom images and text

Browser Support

Version 1.2.4 now includes much wider browser support than the previous 1.1.x series. View this table for additional information.


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Macromedia-Approved A Macromedia-Approved Extension

Compatible with:
Dreamweaver MX Dreamweaver MX
Dreamweaver MX 2004 Dreamweaver MX 2004
Dreamweaver 8 Dreamweaver 8


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