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  1. If you are trying to access Neonix TR Rollover from the Commands menu but see that it is grayed-out and you are unable to select it, it is due to the following reasons:
    • You do not have a valid table selection. You must have every table cell in one or more rows selected in order to apply a TR Rollover to those rows
    • You may have the table itself selected and not all of the table rows. It would make sense that if you select the <table> tag that you could apply a TR Rollover to the entire table but the Extension currently does not take advantage of this situation. Deselect the table by clicking anywhere else in you page and then hilite all the table cells in the table to "select" the table.
  2. If you are trying to apply a TR Rollover via the Neonix TR Rollover interface to a table row but the change is not reflected in your document (and when you re-open Neonix TR Rollover you do not see the change you had just made) it is most likely because the table row is contained in a non-editable region in your document. The current Table/Row list behavior is to show ALL tables in your page, regardless of whether or not those tables are outside of editable re
If the above does not resolve your issue visit the Tips & Examples page or contact Neonix Support.



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