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The axis controls the sliding/stretching/jumping direction. The available options are: X (vertical), Y (horizontal) and X & Y (both vertical and horizontal).

Step Size

To achieve a gradual change in window size or movement, a user definable number (representing pixels) must be applied to the dimensions of the window a number of times. The number of pixels to use for each "step" is called the "Step Size". Valid values are whole numbers (i.e., 1, 2, 12, 24...) and negative numbers (i.e., -1, -2, -12, -24...).

Tip: Step Size x Loop Value=total pixels added or subtracted from window.

Loop Value

The loop value specifies how many times the Step Size is applied. Valid values are any whole number.

Window Offset

The Window Offset was originally conceived as a way to "offset" the Step Size so that it was possible to keep a window centered while it was manipulated. It can also be used to help make the window jump, slide.... Valid values are any whole number and negative numbers.

Tip: To make the browser window grow/shrink in all directions of the selected Axis, you must set the Window Offset value to be HALF and the OPPOSITE of the Step Size. For example, if the Step Size is "6", then the desired Window Offset would be "-3". Conversely, if the Step Size was "-6", then the desired Window Offset would be "3".

Diagonal Switch

The Diagonal Switch was added to help get extra functionality out of the X & Y axis. It only works when the X & Y axis has been selected.

*Close Window

This is pretty much self-explanatory: if set to "Yes", the window will be closed when the resize is complete.

*Maximize Window

Another self-explanatory option: Change the window dimensions so that it occupies the entire screen before any resizing occurs.

*Get Focus

This makes the window jump in front of any other windows on the screen before any resizing occurs.

*X/Y Coordinate

Most of the time you will want to specify a location on the screen for the window to move to before you start manipulating the window. This is helpful for when you don't want part of it moving off the screen, if you want to slide something onto the screen from outside the screen boundaries or if you just can't predict where the window will pop-up. Ideally, the script which launches the window in the first place would take care of the window's on-screen position. This setting makes up for that.

*Set Window Width / Height

This allows you to set the windows Width and Height to a specific dimension before any sizing happens.

* These settings can be used on their own without resizing a window. Just set the Step Size, Windows Offset and Loop Value to '0' (zero).



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