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PayPal.com processes all orders on this site - both for PayPal AND Credit Card-based purchases.

A PayPal account is *Not Required* to purchase any of our extensions/software!
PayPal is now capable of processing Credit Cards!

PayPal has optimized the checkout experience by making an exciting improvement to its payment flow.

For new buyers, signing up for a PayPal account is now optional. This means customers can complete their payments first, and then decide whether to save their information for future purchases. The checkout is now more convenient than ever!

For those who do not have a PayPal account you will see a button in the shopping cart check-out process that literaly says " If you do not currently have a PayPal account   - Click Here". Simply follow the instructions from there and enter the necessary information.


PayLoadz.com delivers our software electronically via email after PayPal notifies Payloadz of a succesful transaction.

Why is there a "Mac" and "PC" version for all of the extensions on this site?

You will see that every product has a Mac and PC "version" - but they are in fact exactly the same. We make the Mac/PC distinction only to ensure that the files are reliably delivered to these platforms. We provide a StuffIt (SIT) archive for macintosh users and a self-extracting archive for PC users. Once you receive the extension and extract the contents you will see an extension file (MXP) that will work on both Mac and PC.


Upgrading from one major version to another (i.e., ver 1.x.x to ver 2.x.x) is half off the full price. So if you bought something for $10, the upgrade is $5. Minor upgrades, that is, upgrades within the same major version (i.e., ver 1.0.0 to ver 1.1.0 for example) are free.

Major version upgrades.... simply PayPal sales@neonix.net the upgrade fee and provide a description as to what the payment is for and the download instructions will be sent to the **PayPal** email address/account only. If the desired extension has not been purchased by the **PayPal** email address/account then the upgrade is not sent and a refund is issued minus any processing fees.

Minor Version Upgrades... all you have to do is attempt a new download using the download email that was sent to you when you originally purchased the software. We will review the request an approve the new download. New downloads always consist of the latest versions.

It is important that the email address that you used to identify your PayPal account be active! This email address identifies you in our system. If it no longer exists or you no longer have access to it then you will not be getting download instructions!

Please direct all inquiries to .

New Version Notification

The mailing list is used to notify those who signed up to the list as to what is happening at Neonix.net, LLC. We do not automatically place people on the mailing list when they place an order. You have to add yourself to the mailing list.

How to Check for Newer Versions

How to check for newer versions: At the top of every extension window is the name of the extension followed by the version number of the extension. Find this number and then click the "Help" button- you should be taken to that extension's information page. Note the title of the page and the current version of the extension. You will be able to see right away if a newer version is available. To see what has changed, click the "Version History" link and review what has been going on with that particular extension (tweaks, new features, etc.).



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